Quality Wear
for Real Performance


Merino wool keeps you dry and
warm in extreme subzero temperatures.

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Fireproof Collection

Fireproof fabric strengthened with
carbon fibres protecting you from
heat and fire for challenging

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100% Dry Collection

Flexibility and comfort that keeps dry
no matter what the weather, and
no chafing seams.

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Power Stretch Pro Collection

Flexibility in all directions, and it keeps you warm,
removes moisture and does not accumulate lint.

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Windproof Collection

Windproof protection from technical blended
materials for strong winds and high speeds.

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Highest quality
 underwear and intermediate layer clothing for the world’s 
most demanding circumstances and

Our selection has been designed to
meet all kinds of needs of people of
all shapes and sizes, keeping them
dry with functionality in mind.

Manufactured with Finnish expertise and
precision, handmade from the world’s best materials.

Each Svala product is a sustainable
choice made to last.

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