Layers for all circumstances and activities

Svala’s underwear and intermediate layers help your body to retain the right temperature by removing excess moisture from your skin. Layered clothing helps you to adapt to changing temperatures.

Against Your Skin

The purpose of the first layer is to remove moisture from your skin.

The products function in both cold and warm conditions, balancing your body’s temperature until it’s just right. Your skin keeps dry even though the tempo of the activity changes from relaxed to quick.

Stretch Mesh and 100% Dry clothing are ALWAYS worn as the first layers right against your skin. On top of these, you can wear cotton, merino wool or breathable wind-tight clothing, depending on the circumstances.

Merino wool products are worn as the first layer when the temperature outside is very low or activity level in a chilly environment is low. Moisture is removed from your skin and thanks to warm merino wool, you won’t get cold even though you don’t stay super active all the time.

Fireproof products are worn as the first layer when dealing with heat or fire. Fireproof products provide instant protection from heat, flames and radiant heat so always remember to wear the necessary protective equipment on top of them.

Windproof products are worn as the first layer when it’s very cold and windy.

The First Intermediate Layer

The first layer removes moisture from your skin and the next, insular layer retains the heat on your skin and keeps away the cold and wet.

Merino wool products are worn as the second layer with Stretch Mesh and 100% Dry clothing when moving in the cold.

Power Stretch clothing is worn as the second layer when the temperature is really cold or activity level is extremely low when working in chilly surroundings.

Windproof products are worn as the second layer when the circumstances are cold and windy.

The Second Intermediate Layer

When it’s really cold and your activity level varies, you need more than one Svala product to keep your body warm and dry. Suitable intermediate layer products include Merino, Stretch Mesh, 100% Dry and Power Stretch.

Windproof Layer

On top of everything else, we need a windproof layer, for instance a windbreaker that breathes as much as possible so that the moisture is effectively removed from the clothing.

The Windproof Collection is designed to protect the most sensitive parts of your body in very windy circumstances.

Break Wear

It’s always good to remember to take a break when working or exercising. For those moments, it’s good to bring along a separate warm piece of clothing, for instance a compact light down jacket.