Environmental friendliness and sustainable development are central values in everything Svala does. This applies to product quality, working environment, methods of working and material used in our products.

We believe high quality is the best thing we can do for the environment. A high-quality garment lasts in use much longer, which means we need to buy fewer clothes. The merino wool used in Svala products come from responsible producers that do not use the Mulesing method in sheep farming. Mulesing means a procedure in which the sheep’s tail is docked and the skin around the breech is scarred to prevent myiasis.

Less Laundry

Washing your clothes burdens the environment. The technical features of Svala products are top-notch and they don’t have to be washed as often as regular clothing. Even if a merino wool piece of clothing is soaked with sweat, it can usually be cleaned by airing. However, if the product is stained, it should be washed.

Reusing Leftover Fabrics

When possible, pieces of fabric leftover in the cutting are used in the manufacturing of smaller products. The pieces that can’t be reused are given to sewing and crafts enthusiasts for good use.

Great Working Environment

All Svala products are handmade in Finland. Svala is a responsible employer that complies with Finnish legislation and collective agreements.