Tips for Caring for Your Clothing

Wool is a Self-Cleaning Fibre

Wool fibre has a self-cleansing feature: it binds and neutralises odours in an excellent way when compared to other fibres. This is why wool products are easy to care for, self-cleansing and do not smell as the keratin in the wool destroys any bacteria on the skin that creates odours.

The core of the wool fibre is a combination of two types of cells that absorb different amounts of moisture. Other cells swell up and create a continuous kinetic friction between these two cells. This makes wool a self-cleansing material.

Moisture on the exterior supports bacterial growth but the exterior of the wool fibre stays relatively dry. The fibre’s exterior is moisture-repellent, which prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odours this causes.

Silver ionisation

Organic silver ions are harmless to people and nature. Silver ionisation prevents the reproduction and contagion of microbes, mold, fungi and bacteria and decreases unpleasant odours. The antibacterial treatment of the Svala products through silver ionisation has been done in the core of the fibre even before it is spun as a thread. This means the treatment doesn’t disappear even after many washes. Thanks to the treatment, the products stay fresh and odourless.

Machine Wash

Even a wool product must be washed occasionally. Svala’s merino wool products have gone through a treatment, which means they can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Products are washed inside out with a detergent that does not include bleach and is suitable for the material. Washing the product inside out extends the life of the product. Products are to be shaped when damp and dried on an airy surface.

Always wash Svala products together with clothes of similar colour. Products do not need fabric softeners or any other softening chemicals. Tumble drying is not recommended.


If the product is washed at the correct temperature, it will not shrink. The shape of a knit shaped when damp may change a little when it dries but it will return to its original shape when it is worn.